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What are balances?

The bilici, or bilico is called an articulated truck only for some regions of ‘Italy; such as, for example, in Veneto and Piedmont. It is one of the most common types of convoy circulating on the road, and despite its great resemblance to ordinary truck trains, it differs from the latter in having two parts joined at one point. The first segment is represented by a tractor while the second by the actual trailer.

The advantages of trucking by Zebra Trucking Ltd.

Road transport has the great advantage of traveling great distances in a short time. This is also possible due to the effectiveness of the road network, which makes truck transportation the most suitable for transporting goods of all sizes. The Zebra Trucking team also ensures, throughout Italy and Europe, timely, safe and efficient transportation service.

Zebra Trucking’s truckload service offers :

  • Real-time quotes
  • Immediate availability 24/7
  • Vehicle monitoring using satellite GPS
  • Domestic and international transportation including for trade fairs, staging and events.
  • Flexible and customized solutions for every need

A large fleet of trucks owned or owned by our partners and the experience of our team ensures fast and safe deliveries to our customers.


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