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Freight transport

National and international freight transport company

The Freight Taxi service of Trucking Zebra makes a vehicle and its driver usable as if they were employed by your company so, in a very short time, you can have everything you need for transport with the same punctuality and precision of a taxi. nationally and internationally.
We guarantee delivery in compliance with the times agreed with the customer and meet the need for goods transport quickly and urgently.
Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day, holidays and nights, and takes care of each dedicated shipment in a fast, precise and safe way with particular attention to transport within the agreed times. Our strength is customer satisfaction: we will help you choose the best vehicle according to your loading needs and we will constantly inform you about the location of your goods, from departure to delivery.

  • The best freight company leader in dedicated transport, urgent transport in Italy and Europe;
  • Urgent same-day shipments with timeliness from the estimate to delivery;
  • Urgent shipments with immediate availability and departure;
  • Road freight services dedicated to your goods;
  • We are a freight transport company that guarantees direct non-stop shipments;
  • Freight transport agency leader in the exclusive transport of your goods;
  • The best transporter of international goods in Milan;
  • We are the best freight hauliers near you in Italy and Europe;
  • The best freight taxi service near you, in Milan, Lombardy;
  • The best company that carries out national and international freight transport in Milan;
  • We transport products, artifacts, goods and many other types of items. We give immediate availability of the vehicle suitable for the requested service;
  • The best solution to find freight transport in Italy;
  • Dedicated and customized shipments for your urgent transport.

We guarantee our customers the Chauffeur Van Rental, for express, urgent and dedicated transport for:
• Exhibition stands,
• Hanging clothes,
• Medical transport,
• Film Sets,
• Rack,
• Artwork,
• Doors and windows,
• Furniture furnishings,
• Wines and Spirits,
• Theatrical works,
• Tiles and Marbles,
• Machinery,
• Spare parts for cars, ships, airplanes, railways,
• Equipment
and much more with the utmost care and attention towards Italy and Europe.

We also offer the service of freight transport with bilges and trucks. Free and tailored quote.

At any time you will have the opportunity to be updated on the situation and position of your goods in real-time.
We have a well-stocked fleet of vehicles that allows us to always have the most suitable one available according to requests.
Our vehicles are also equipped with satellite control. For all these reasons, the Taxi Freight service guarantees maximum safety and speed in delivery.

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Packaging advice for transporting packaged goods

Before entrusting us with your goods for the road transport service, remember that it is good to follow some good practices for packing and checking the goods.
Carefully pack all the goods, both the individual packages and the pallets or boxes that contain them. In this way you can make sure that your goods are not damaged during transport and during the loading and unloading phases.

Here are our packing tips:

Mark weights and measures.
First, carefully mark the weight and size of your shipment so you can make sure you have everything under control.

Pack everything carefully.
Careful packaging is the best way to ensure safe transportation. Wrap each object individually with shockproof materials, bubble wrap or other protective tools.

Attach all documentation.
Create a DDT (Transport Documents) so that both us at Trucking Zebra and you will know what is contained in your freight transport. Better to have several copies, one for the driver, one for the transporter – who will have it signed on delivery – one for you and one for whoever receives the goods.

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