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Pallet transport

What is the pallet and how does the pallet transport work?

Palletizing is essential to make the most of the warehouse area, neatly stacking the goods on pallets. By stacking the packages one on top of the other, it is possible to optimize the spaces and also guarantee the stability of the load.

Transporting pallets (pallets) saves time and energy: these, in fact, facilitate the movement of large quantities of goods.

Autotrasporti Zebra Srl boasts twenty years of experience in Pallet Transport.

We offer flexible and customized solutions by intervening promptly and satisfying every customer need with immediate availability 24 hours a day, and holidays. guaranteeing the quality of a quick, safe and punctual service at national level, we operate throughout Italy, and internationally along the main European routes (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium….).

When it is useful to choose a pallet transport

Shipping a pallet or a pallet can be the best solution if you need to transport furniture during a move, ship large and bulky packages, or simply send many packages together.

The advantages of pallet shipping in Italy are mainly:

  • convenience of goods storage
  • space optimization on trucks and articulated lorries
  • greater speed in loading operations
  • greater safety in the handling of goods

Safe pallet packing method: goods on pallets

It is important to know that to avoid problems with pallet transport it is necessary to adopt some precautions concerning the packaging of the pallet itself.

When packing a pallet it is essential to stack the items in the correct way: a well packed pallet is organized in columns. By overlapping the packs you will reach the standard height necessary to make the pallet stackable. In this way, storage will also be much easier.

The pallet must have a cubic and regular shape, it must be flat on all sides with no lateral or upper protrusion. Last but not least, be sure to tie all packages together or wrap the entire pallet in plastic wrap to prevent falls and ensure that you ship pallets with peace of mind.

By following all these guidelines, your pallet can be easily managed.

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