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Transport by Truck

Truck Transportation

Partners for companies in Italy and Europe.

Professionals in Dedicated Express Transportation in Italy and Europe.

Immediate Emergency Management in Milan Europe Italy

Nonstop Direct Delivery of Goods.

All Risk insurance on valuable goods

Do you need Urgent Transportation to or from Milan Europe?

Autotrasporti Zebra Srl is the leading company in Urgent Dedicated Freight Transport by Road to and from Milan.

Thanks to the Online Network, in our Staff is able to quickly and efficiently handle the requests that come in from our portal, offering companies many services including: Urgent Transportation, Dedicated Transportation, Dedicated Express Transportation, Dedicated Expedited Shipping, Dedicated Urgent Road Transportation, Top Load Transportation, Curtain Cargo Transportation, Cover to Discover Transportation, Low Profile Transportation, Top Load Transportation, Exceptional Transportation; all of the above types of services on Italy Europe Milan, are. non-stop direct delivery transportation.

Autotrasporti Zebra Srl has immediate availability of various types of vehicles including: vans, semi-trailers and tractor-trailers with hydraulic tailgates, tractor-trailers, curtain sided, tarpaulin covers discover.

If your company needs an immediate Dedicated Urgent Transportation quote fill out our Form now.

Requests for quotations will be taken up immediately by a trained operator.

Your data will be processed solely for the purpose of formulating the quote and in accordance with the provisions of Leg. 196/2003 as amended.

Dedicated Transports Milan Europe Italy

Dedicated Transportation on Milan Europe, are services Urgent and Fast, carried out within 24 h; these are Urgent and Exclusive Transports with Direct Delivery throughout Italy and for the whole of Europe, with Immediate departure to and from Milan by means of vehicles that are used exclusively for the customer’s goods.

Thanks to the Dedicated Transportation on Milan Europe, we are able to provide concrete solutions to your company’s needs, managing to solve even emergency situations, through prompt, timely and exclusive service with various types of vehicles offering companies many services including: Dedicated Rubber Shipments, Dedicated Truck Shipments, Urgent Truck Transportation, Side Load Transportation, Dedicated Truck Transportation, Urgent Truck Transportation.

Zebra Trucking Ltd. is characterized by: Resolving Urgencies, Transportation without Stops, Immediate Solution, Safe Transportation, Timeliness of Action, Speed and Punctuality, Reliable and Punctual, One-Stop Transportation, Specialized Personnel, and the Best European Transporter.

Full load transport Milan Europe

Full Transports on Milan Europe are the ideal solution for goods that, due to load capacity and/or space occupied, require the use of an entire truck.

Full Truck Load transports are also referred to as FTL (Full Truck Load).

Zebra Trucking Ltd. manages the Complete transportation to and from Milan, guaranteeing punctuality and professionalism; they are Direct delivery transportation that always ensures excellence service to your company with various types of vehicles offering companies many services including: Urgent Rubber Transport, Full Load Transport, Lowered Truck Transport, Side Load Transport, Curbed Truck Transport, Lift-Load Transport, Curbed Motor Freight Transport, Dedicated Rubber Transport, Dedicated Truck Transport, Urgent Truck Transport, Dedicated Truck Shipping.

Exceptional transport Milan Europe

Exceptional transports on Milan are services used for goods beyond gauge or weight limits, also called oversize.

Exceptional transports to and from Milan are strictly carried out by exceptional vehicles equipped with all necessary permits.

Autotrasporti Zebra Srl supports the customer, in the application for ad hoc permits, or possibly after careful evaluation can provide a technical escort service that will serve to assess all risks during transport.

Extra services

Zebra Trucking Ltd. Guarantees timely and safe service, with the possibility of having the goods insured even on high values, through the “All Risk”: an insurance policy that goes to cover the real taxable value of the goods, as opposed to the statutory carrier insurance (D.Lgs.286/2005 art.10) which provides compensation of 1.00€/Kg.

Where necessary, thanks to our network, the customer will be able to have vehicles equipped with hydraulic tail lifts or cranes, trucks equipped for side and top loading cover discover lift down, and any manpower services for loading and unloading.

Partners in transport dedicated urgent to out-of-gauge transport with semi-trailer trucks

The ideal partner for transportation management from northern to central and southern Italy and for the European territory, for those companies that need to ship valuable and/or fragile goods, or that need to perform urgent and express transportation.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of dedicated urgent safe and reliable transportation, capable of meeting the needs of companies, from single pallet/bank shipment to oversized transport.

For transportation quotes use our Form

Zebra Trucking Ltd. has revolutionized the idea of the online quote for the transportation, developing a simple and intuitive tool capable of supporting companies in requesting quotations in order to obtain a transportation solution targeted to the customer’s actual needs, even in the case of urgent transports and express throughout the country and Europe.

To simplify the procedure, the system allows the customer to be able to choose the type of services between “Dedicated Freight Forwarding,” in which exact quantities and dimensions of packages must be entered, or “Vehicle Request” in case a specific vehicle is needed.

Requests for quotes will be taken up immediately by an operator. Your data will be processed solely for the purpose of formulating the quote and in full compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 as amended.