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Transport of stands for trade fairs

Transport of set-ups for fairs and theaters, events, conferences, exhibitions

Transport and exhibition stands

Autotrasporti Zebra srl, in a clear and punctual way, has been involved for over 20 years in designing and implementing transport for fairs, exhibitions and special events.

The management of a transport of material for an event or of works of art for an exhibition always requires the utmost attention and accuracy.

Our fleet, as well as our professionalism, offers the utmost attention to the national and international transport. of goods at trade fairs, exhibitions and events.

Our team, active 24 hours a day, monitors all our vehicles in real time, thus guaranteeing transport safety. In addition: our vehicles are equipped with satellite anti-theft devices connected with the police

Not only will your goods arrive undamaged and without delay, but they will also be safe.

I transport precious objects and delicate objects for fairs

Are you about to participate in your next fair in Italy or abroad? Simplify the transport of the fittings, the material of the exhibition stands and your samples.

With many years of experience, a team of experts and the widest range of services, vehicles and technologies, we provide our customers with transport for trade fairs, exhibitions and special events.

We are committed to your success: by entrusting us with the complexity of transport, you will simplify all the logistics of the event, having the right partner in this case can make a real difference in organizing shipments for national and international fairs and exhibitions.

Transport of theatrical productions

Transporting theatrical productions is a demanding job and must be done with great care, fixing everything according to the required standards, respecting the deadlines and with precise techniques and means in order not to damage the transported structures.

To achieve full customer satisfaction we use the best packaging materials to be used according to the structures to be protected, their nature, state of conservation, intrinsic fragility.

Express freight events

Are you organizing an event? A convention, a medical congress, a convention, a fair, a public event, a national or intentional event?

Autotrasporti Zebra srl offers you the best quality of a quick and safe transport service.

How to pack products to be shipped to the fair

Our staff is always attentive and handles the goods with extreme care, whether it is packaged or packaged goods, it is always better to follow specific techniques to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here are our tips for best packing your goods for transport:

Prepare Items: For example, if you are shipping products to a trade show, folding stands, and other items that fit into standard shipping, we recommend that you pack each item separately.

Wrap items: Use insulating materials, we recommend bubble wrap to protect items from rubbing in transit.

Stuff the box. Line the bottom of the box with Styrofoam or newspaper and other similar cushioning materials.

Fill in the blanks. An extremely important thing that is often underestimated, do not leave empty spaces in the box. Put the items back in the box, and fill in the gaps with other cushioning material to keep them from moving during shipment.

Seal the box.

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